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Delta Alliance is an international knowledge-driven network organization with the mission of improving the resilience of the world’s deltas. With increasing pressure from population growth, industrialization and a changing climate, it is more important than ever that these valuable and vulnerable locations increase their resilience to changing conditions. Delta Alliance brings people together who live and work in deltas. They can benefit from each other’s experience and expertise and as such contribute to an increased resilience of their delta region, with the help for instance of network wings.

Click on the Deltaviewer for information on the characteritics of deltas and for examples of applied tools in deltas, referring to Adaptive Delta Management and its planning cycle:



Delta Alliance Webinar on coast and deltas: recording and highlights online On 8 October 2015 the Delta Alliance Webinar: 'Squeeze an orange, but do not squeeze the delta's coast please!' took place. Have a look at the recording and the 5-minute highlights of this webinar.
The Water Channel / Delta Alliance, Thursday 15 October 2015
Henk Ovink’s Rebuild by Design Competition receives US Federal innovation award Henk Ovink, Delta Alliance International Governing Board Member, developed the Rebuild by Design Competition. This international design competition tasked with developing innovative plans to protect the New York region from another Superstorm Sandy, has been awarded the first-ever 'Most Groundbreaking Federal Challenge or Prize Competition' in the USA.
Delta Alliance Secretary / Government.nl, Friday 9 October 2015


Congress Deltas & Ports of the Future: Towards new synergy of Delta Technology, Spatial Design and Governance of the 21st Century (26 January 2016) This congress aims to discuss how we can develop ‘smart combinations’ of flood defense systems with other important societal issues.
Wednesday 18 November 2015
EGU 2016 Session - Future Deltas, Sustainable management of river deltas under pressure (17/22 April 2016) The Utrecht University research focus area Future Deltas is organizing the EGU2016 session Sustainable management of river deltas under pressure. The deadline for abstract submission is Wednesday 13 January 2016.
Utrecht University, Tuesday 10 November 2015
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